Volume 3 Issue 1


The theme of the current issue of the EarthSong Journal is Soils Alive.

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4 From the Editor
5 Stardust
William Bryant Logan
7 Down to Earth: the answer lies in the soil
Caroline Smith
9 C’mon Get Dirty!
Naomi Turner
10 Early Winter
Noelene Kelly
12 Unearthing: A Foray into Fungal Underworlds
Alison Pouliot
16 Soil Art
19 Soil as Sacred Source
Catriona Devlin
20 Quote
Franklin D Roosevelt
21 Soils of the Liverpool Plains
Stephen Cattle
23 Plains of Plenty: Liverpool Plains Fight for Life
24 2015 International Year of Soils
Leon Braun
25 Tips for healthy soils
Kat Lavers
26 Cultivating Soil, Making Connections
Hayden O’Doherty
28 From Little Things Big things Grow
Alice Dunlop
30 Book reviews
This Land, Our Mother by Eugene Stockton
Dirt: The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth by William Bryant Logan
31 What’s on