Volume 3 Issue 4

The theme of the Volume 3 Issue 4 of  EarthSong Journal is Earth’s Desire.

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Earth’s Desire
Thomas Berry
From the Editor  5
Earth as Ethic
Freya Matthews
Photoessay  9
Tasting Earth
Pat Long
Inner Deep Listening and Quiet Still Awareness
Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr
Photoessay  16
The Gaia Theory
Caroline Smith
The joy of her peace: the
severity of her discipline

Trish Graham
Noelene Kelly
Are there roots that hold?
Jan Morgan
The destiny to which we

Trevor Parton
Why the Earth needs its
awe-ful Steve’s

Naomi Turner
Book reviews
“Dark Emu Black Seeds:
Agriculture or Accident?”
Bruce Pascoe
Reviewed by Kevin Peoples
Tribute to contributors  31