Volume 2 Issue 7

The theme of Vol 2 Issue 7 is Spirit of the Heart of Creation.

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From the Editor 4
Feature Article: Place and Spirit, Spirit and Place Mary Graham 5
Regular: Are there roots that hold? Spirit at the heart of Creation – Jan Morgan 8
Feature Article: Poetry and the Soul Anne Elvey 9
Feature: Sustaining activism: The Spirit at the Heart of Environmental Activism – Marina Lewis 13
Reflection: Finding our way: walking together for wholeness and reconciliation – Glenn Abblitt 15
Quote: Thomas Berry 16
Feature: Monkey Business: Spirit at the Heart of Creation – BomHyon Sunim 17
Science: Science Reveals the Spirit at the Heart of Creation – Caroline Smith 19
Education: A Child’s perspective: Spirituality at the centre of creation – Kristen Hobby 21
Reflection: Birth, death, and the stuff in-between – Naomi Turner 23
Celebration of Place: A Functional Spirituality of Place – Trevor Parton 24
Education: Mindfulness in schools – Kristen Hobby and Elizabeth Jenkins 26
Opinion: Enriching beginnings, middles and endings – Annie Bolitho 27
Book reviews:
Emergence for life, not fall from grace – Kevin Treston
Children’s books – Mark Norman
What’s on 31