Volume 2 Issue 8

The theme of Vol 2 Issue 8  is Earth’s Cry: Experience and Response.

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From the Editor (view text version here) 4
Feature: Splitting the Sack – Jan Morgan 5
Reflection: Earth’s lament – Naomi Turner 8
Feature: Earth’s Cry, Earth’s whisper – Noelene J Kelly 9
Feature Satao’s Cry Freya Mathews (view text version here) 11
Feature: Eulogy for Royal Park West – Ros Nataprawira 15
Art:  Weather vanes, Well – Ilka White 16
Feature:  In Praise of Otherness – Sasha Shtargot 18
Celebration of Place:  Life in Tasmania – Caroline & Aidan Smith, Jenny & Tom Kingston 19
Celebration of Place: At home in the land – Geoff Lacey 21
Interview: Voice for the Voiceless – Sasha Shtargot interviews Doug Ralph 25
Poetry: Lament no more – Clare Coburn 26
Opinion: Postcards from the journey of the river Lisa 27
Reflections:  Only One Earth: Why is a flower? – Gill Baker 29
Book reviews:
Earth’s Cry by Jan Morgan
The Last Dance by Sally Morgan
Art: Lamentation – Libby Byrne

Poetry: Wybalenna Wound, Flinders Island – Robin Pryor