Volume 2 Issue 9

The theme of the Vol 2 Issue 9 of the EarthSong Journal is Wild Law.

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From the Editor (view the text here) 4
Feature: Earth Jurisprudence and the Rights of Nature – Michelle Maloney (view the text here) 5
The Law of Entertainment – Naomi Turner 7
Feature: Law as if Science Mattered – Caroline Smith   (view the text here) 9
Quote – Edward Abbey 11
Celebrating the Life of Eric Bottomley – Pauline Scharma and Matthew Navaretti 12
Feature: Let the Rivers Run – Gavan McFadzean 13
Iconic Rivers of Northern Australia 16
Our Whole Heritage is a Gift: Law in Indigenous Culture – Aunty Delsie Lillyst 18
‘You shall come no further’: Are There Roots That Hold? – Jan Morgan 20
Back to Nature for health and Wellbeing – Julie Wynne 22
Opinion: Why Coal is Not Good for Humanity – Bronwyn Lay 25
Thomas Berry Colloquium: Celebrating the Centenary of his Birth 27
Book Reviews 29
What’s On 31